…Still, hanging on everything strikes my visual perception,

I plainly and with the most colour richness

use my painting methods…

Francesco Mìlicia



Francesco Milicia was born in Cittanova, a small town in the foothills of Aspromonte in Reggio Calabria, Italy. His childhood is marked by a precocious exploration of the fine arts, expressed in its initial stages through music and painting. The early years of Milicia’s natural inclinations for art are spent in his native town of Cittanova, a place he finds stifling as he approaches adulthood, experiencing a profound lack of cultural stimulation necessary for his artistic development. It is Florence that offers the fertile ground for Francesco to further his skills in painting as well as a flair for the sciences. His studies at the University of Florence culminate in a degree in Biology while new opportunities arise amidst exposure to the rich art world of the historic city. After studying in Florence, Francesco returns to his birthplace to work as a biologist, meanwhile keeping his passion for painting alongside his main career. The stimulation of the natural beauty surrounding Cittanova combined with the ancestral bond rekindled result in a series of undeniably beautiful work on canvas. Francesco emerges as lover of both science and the arts, his work manifests impressionistic abstractions between dreams and reality, striking a curious aura of beauty at most unexpected moments.

Francesco has appeared in numerous art competitions and galleries in and around Italy .Honors and recognitions received by the artist Francesco Milicia lives and paints in Pisa, Italy.

His studio is located at Via Bologna, 2
phone: +39 338 42 35 902


Critica di “Albino Barberio”



Dipingere è fisiologico, bisogno primario. Ogni tocco di colore impresso sulla tela è respiro…

Critica di “Elena Camoni”


I ritratti di donna godono di una sensualità sottile, raffinata, mentre i paesaggi naturali…

Critica di “Emilio Bianchi”


Francesco Mílicia trasmette nelle sue opere la calda passionalità della natia Calabria…

Critica di “Sandra Lucarelli”


Oltre la bellezza c’è la struttura metafisica del sogno di cui gli artisti sono naviganti…

Critica di “Alfredo Tigani”


Da una prima osservazione dei quadri di Francesco Mílicia si direbbe che la sua pittura non sia…

Critica di “Maurizio Carnevali”


Un antico, forse insoppremibile, bisogno di magia alimenta l’atto della pittura. Il gesto assoluto che…

Critica di “M. Mali’ “


L’artista Francesco Mílicia si muove in un contesto pittorico molto suggestivo e consapevole…


Francesco Mìlicia

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